My name is Finley Grace Murphy but everyone calls me Finny. I was born on August 6, 2005 with something called “Cri du Chat” syndrome, 5P Minus for short. The doctors say it’s a rare and incurable genetic deficiency, but I think it makes me special. It’s just going to take me longer to do things that are easy for my little brother, Mack. Like talking, feeding myself, or running in circles.I love school, playing with my friends, and physical therapy – especially swimming with my water wings. But my favorite thing to do is visiting my Grandpa Bill and Grammy in Galena. Grandpa takes me for ice cream, long boat rides, and he plays with me and Mack all day long. I just wish he wouldn’t get tired so early.

I was very excited to start walking a few weeks ago just in time for my graduation from preschool. Everyone was so proud of me and, of course, I love the attention that comes with being a special little girl.


For more information about “Cri du Chat” syndrome visit www.fivepminus.org or www.criduchat.asn.au